I had to do a LOT of fast forwarding but the technique produced a really
neat result. It looks like fondant after it dries! VERY cool!


Great techniques – these cupcakes are beautiful. Thank you for sharing
them. A little feedback: this video could have been five minutes. It can
still be fun, but as you said yourself, stop letting your sister talk to
you when you’re keeping track of time. No one wants to watch a ten minute
video of you and your sister playing around. I’m sure your family loves it,
but busy people are going to be annoyed.


Hahahaha omg you guys remind me of my sister and I. Also, great tip, I
didn’t know that micro-ing the frosting’d make it darker! Thanks! :))

Ana Villanueva

That was really cool, I’m totally trying this because I usually suck at
frosting cupcakes. And you two are so entertaining 😀


Thanks you guys helped a smidgen, Wad and heap now i can get that gloss-ay
look on my cupcakes! Thanks.

Jessie J

this is so great. i was trying to figure out how to do some smooth icing, i
am doing cupcakes for my sister baby shower.. i wanted to do brown icing
(chocolate) with blue and pink polka dots (twins one boy and one girl) now
i know how to do the icing.. THANKS!!


what did u use for the design on top of your yummy cupcakes? They look
amazing, Thanks for sharing..


really tidy cupcakes (luv it) can i have one annnnd btw how do we make
frosting this really crazy yellow frosting ( jello?)

Joanne Hoch

you should do some more videos like this, instead of all makeup ones. this
really helped me, it’s exactly what i was looking for!