Looks nice, but you kind of stretch the definition of (all controls, levers
and gizmos being on the) “front”. Although I suppose a KitchenAid in that
exact position wouldn’t be ergonomic because the speed control would be in
the back.


@GORINGRANGERS the kitchenaid is stronger and heavier, but because of the
power difference there isnt really any differences between the two. I
personally chose the kitchenaid because it suited my kitchen better, but if
you like the kmix, then get the kmix, and if you like the kitchenaid, get
the kitchenaid. But it really comes down to budget and your favourite. Hope
this helps 😉

Christian Tanya

Cool. I’m getting Hamilton beach eclectic that’s 150$ and has 12 speeds
more then “awesome kitchenaid” that’s has 10.


I’ve been playing with one in store for a while and now have one on order.
Is there something you’d like me to look at once it arrives? I’ve already
got the grinder attachment.


I have one of these and they are brilliant and I am very young and I find
it very easy to use <3


This is a really really nice blender. Having a unit made of glass is so
worth a couple of extra bucks. It’s easier to clean, less likely to break
and good looking. The simple, but effective operation of this HB MF Blender
makes it a bargain for a quality item. Highly recommended. here is the link
to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to14rmhcz


Am split between Kmix and KitchenAid. Wonder is the current kmix (made in
china) built to last for at least a decade compared to the old Kenwood
standmixer? I am in dilemma… :(

Belinda Okech

wooow!!got a multi functional mixer!NO REGRETS!!!simply the best.check on
ma one.


I do not know if you’ve ever had kitchenaid but if you did you could tell
me how these two compare. Thanks for your reply.


then you can tell what it does in noise; is it noisy when mixing on high
speeds (more noisy then necessary ?)


Yeah it’s pretty noisy but most mixers are, probably no different to the
kitchenaid. It’s not unbearable or anything, I use mine all the time, still
love it :)