How to Decorate Sesame Street Cupcakes.wmv

Step by step instructions to easily decorate Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch cupcakes.
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There are so many times that I really want to make a special treat to give a friend or to bring to a potluck dinner, but I simply run out of time or forgot t…


I am doing a sesame street theme party for my girl who is turning 2 and I
am def. trying this!


You are amazing!!!! I’ve been looking for 2 days for a decent elmo cupcake
making video. I’m so happy I came across your video.


I had found what I thought was the easist way to make these cupcakes for my
son’s 3rd birthday party….until I found your video….THANK YOU SO
MUCH!!! These are much easier!!!


I wish! Her video on sesame street cupcakes wasn’t posted until about two
months after I made mine. Check the date. I have seen her videos though and
she is brilliant! She didn’t inspire me for this one but has inspired me


@MrSavage336 I don’t think that using any other flavor of cake mix will
drastically change the appearance of the cupcake. In regards to big bird, I
also contemplated making them but finally decided to go with Oscar instead.
I am not sure if the sell yellow icing in a ready to decorate tube. If not,
making yellow icing is pretty easy, unlike making red (which turns out
mostly pink). Just use a couple of yellow food coloring drops in white
icing and eyeball it until you like the color.


@nbk2tll That’s great to hear! I am happy to have taken a part (at least a
small part) in your daughter’s first birthday! :)


The strawberry frosting used for the eyebrows was dyed with regular food
coloring gels, one drop of each yellow, green, and red. You can find these
gels in the baking aisle at the grocery store.


@MrSavage336 As for the actual face of big bird, well that is interesting.
Eyeballs, same as the others, except I would add the pink and blue upper
eyelids with the icing colored in those colors. If you have searched the
internet for big bird cupcakes, you will notice that all the beaks look a
little off. I can’t think of anything else except fondant. They sell it in
craft stores. Make them ahead of time so they may get hard. Hope this
helps! :)


@JuiceBoxxNYC That’s awesome! I am so glad you liked them. They really are
easy. I searched online too when I was asked to make these for my nephew’s
first birthday. After unsuccessfully trying to make red icing (which looked
more like pink or purple), I opted for the store bought icing in the
container. It was the best decision I could’ve stumbled on. Then I figured
I’d use the same for Cookie Monster and Oscar. Happy Birthday to your son!

jason savage

I love this video. I have a question if i use yellow or butter cake mix
will thay still look as good or it better to use a darker cake mix . I want
to make these for my son 1st birthday. Do u have any ideas on how to make
or what should i use for big bird?


The one person who disliked this accidentally had their computor upside
down. :) Good job, makes me wanna bake like right now!


Great video. I’m throwing my son’s first bday party this Tuesday. The theme
is Elmo and I really want to make these cupcakes but I don’t know if I’ll
be able to. I’ve made so many cupcakes before and they just NEVER turn out
right. Aaahhhh! But, I think if I have time, I’ll see if I can do it!

Michael Bell

Cool! Unfortunately, we don’t have half of the ingredients needed to make
these here in New Zealand!

Fay D

I thin u did such an amazing job..I am going to try these instead of
putting the pre-made bought icing elmo i bought. They are sooo nice and
easy to make not like other recipes i saw that want to do everything from
scratch. Its also a time saver if you always busy..Thanks heaps