kitchenaid mixer repair.avi

kitchenaid mixer repair.avi

Shows how to take apart a kitchenaid mixer to fix the oil leak. The oil separates from the grease with time. You can get new grease on ebay for including…

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Hi Mark,

our speedcontrol is stuck on nr 10, i tried to open the machine like you
explained. Unfortenately the pin that you have to take out is wreally stuck
and now i am afraid to hammer it out with force. Any ideas?

Ilona Miller

Hi Mark!
Do you have a video of how to change the control board in tilt head kitchen
aid mixer? I can’t find one and Im stuck. I changed the phase board and it
didn’t solve the problem – it still is dead.
Thank you for your help!

Tom Lanik

Excellent job with this procedure. This gentleman obviously has a real
“mechanic” background- makes great observations and uses correct
terminology. Thank you!

Mark B

Let me know how it goes. I also have a “quick kitchenaid mixer repair”
video that shows a quick way to get the loose oil out without taking it
apart. Good luck.

Mark B

Hey Vaxbuster, I made some changes to the annotations in the video to point
out that the grease needs to be replaced with new grease. Thanks

Mark B

Hey Vaxbuster, I tried to find some more info on this out on the web but
had no luck. Would you happen to have a link? I would like to put it in the
video to let people know. Thanks.


All Kitchen Aid mixers have the same amount of grease inside. The only
reason it leaks is that it has separated due to age or excessive heat!
Kitchen Aid sell replacement food grade grease. Repacking the old grease is
NOT fixing the problem and reducing the amount will just cause overheating
and wear on the worm gear.

Jan van den Heuvel

Buy a Kenwood, Mater Mix or a Bosch, infinitely better with much more
powerful motors. Don’t be misled by KA’s cute appearance, as many people

Mark B

I have never needed to take those off of mine. If i understand what you are
saying correctly, those are probably the covers for the motor brushes.
Check to make sure you put them back in correctly.


They put a big load of grease inside so that it absorbs heat when the unit
is running for long periods. It’s in there for a reason, It transfers heat
to the casing.

Jimmy Jones Putih

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