Kitchen Aid Chocolate Cake and Buttercream Frosting Recipe

The recipe is from the KitchenAid Instructions and Recipe booklet that came with the mixer. If any one would like the recipe send me a PM and I will send you…

Paul uses all the attachments to make a quick easy dessert. The Kenwood mixer is a great kitchen tool and can make your cooking fun too. It has all the featu…
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@armywifeprepper I have wanted one of these for years. Did you get your
Kitchen Aid Mixer working again?


It was never broken, I was just joking around…. my sense of humor is
sometimes confusing to many people. I’m a dork


@Allen2045 But it looked like a cream, almost like a melted chocolate bar..
I mean the unsweetened chocolate I have bought is like a little square or
rectangle hard piece. Thats why I was intriqued with what it was. Did you
do something to it or do you buy it that way and if so, what brand is it.

Linda's Pantry

Red is my favorite color for the kitchen! This looks so good! And no more
mixer coming unplugged! Tell your Hubby He is a Hero and so Sweet to do
this and think of you. Love ya Linda:)


@AjPrepper I have heard of snicker doodles but never had one. Going to have
to give making them a try :-)

shadowofjuniperhill .

It looks beautiful and yummy too! Congrats on getting a kitchen aid, I love
the color.


That butter cream frosting looked so yummy. I have my own recipe for a
strawberry frosting that everyone loves but I very rarely make it because I
have to use my old handheld beater and it’s hard on my hands and takes
forever. I am buying a Kitchenaid tomorrow. Thanks for the video.


@snaps81625 I know Right!! I just got done saying it was unsweetend
chocolate. The smell of it got to me and I forgot. Who ever thought hey
lets add sugar to this and see what that taste like should be sainted.


@tmaddie2010 I can’t wait to use my meat grinder and slice. And to
eventually get a few dozen more LOL. Thanks for leaving a comment and for
watching the video. I do enjoy reading and responding to them.


@255sage Thanks Linda, The unplugging of my hand mixer drove me nuts. My
Husband enjoyed the Chocolate cake I made. Said he is going to have to
start working out with all the cooking and baking I have been doing. He
takes rolls, breads, cookies to work and shares with his coworkers.