KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixers

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A video showing a side-by-side comparison of the differences between the two mixers.
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Kara Buntin

@debbieann44 Right, I added that in the comments above. I’ve heard that
people who use it to make bread realyl like the Cuisinart because the motor
is stronger than the KA.

Kara Buntin

Some comments I’ve received: -On the Cuisinart, the timer shut off only
happens if you’re using the timer, pause it, then don’t reset the timer.
The mixer doesn’t just turn itself off after 5 minutes! -The Cuisinart
controls are actually very handy for people who are left-handed! -To scrape
the bowl while mixing, you can get an attachment that’s a rubber scraper
for the beater blade. That helps to mix everything thoroughly. They’re
available for both the KA and the Cuisinart

Shari Coburn

I have the KA pro, and while the shield is poorly designed, the handle and
bowl shape more than makes up for it.


No the Cuisinart will not shut its self off . I use it for bread dough
every week . I set it to knead for 8 minutes and it will not shut off
before the 8 minutes and I like the deep bowl for anti splash.