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The amount of different types of taps means getting the handle off can be quite a problem before you even get to renew the tap washer or disc. This video cov…
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Chris West

Very useful tutorial and my great thanks to producer for his time in doing
this. He should never under estimate the amount of pple this sort of video
is helping. Unfortunately I have posher unilever one that currently leaks
on the hot water side. Guess I have to buy a new one, then


I got a mixer tap that has handle like the first one. The hot water handle
just comes off when you pull it. The problem I have is when you turn it, it
keeps turning with a grinding noise but no water comes out unless you do
turn it harder. Any idea how to fix it?


Thanks for the great video(s) ! I have a zucchetti mixer tap (like the
third example in your video). I have removed the allen screw, but no matter
how hard I pull, unable to remove the handle. It certainly doesnt come off
as per the video ! I have tried three different taps – no success with any
of them.

Is there some difference with Zucchetti mixer taps ? I have tried their
website etc but am unable to get any other assistance.

john wheeler

Thanks for this great video, no need to call the plumber, it would appear
that the washer assembly is best purchased from a do it yourself outlet.


Many, many thanks for this! We have original 1950s taps in the bathroom,
with solid-forged heads and a side-mounted screw. Looked everywhere to
find out how to take them apart and finally I know how!

Rak Maew

Thanks so much in my case the tap has stopped leaking but I will still
replace the cartridge as its many years old. One tip to all first timers
like me. I followed the steps on the video, took out the hot/cold small
plug and undid the small screw with the Allen key but it did not come
off!!! just takes a bit of playing with it and gently pull it up a bit,
have to be careful not to use much force and it came up. Had a good look at
the cartridge and put all back and tightened up and leak has stopped for
now but as I said will get a new cartridge anyway. Thanks so much to our
presenter these videos really help and save us calling a plumber. I must
say the design of these flip mixers could be improved not the easiest to
take apart and repair compared to regular taps.


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