North Perth Plumbers

Thanks for the great video @blokesonabudget for sharing your video on how
to replace the cartridge and repair a leaking flick mixer trip with us.
Your plumbing instructions are easy to follow and more convenient.

Ajith Chelliah

Thanks… Great video, and I’ve just changed my bathroom sink tap due to
your video. Saved myself nearly 30 bucks too! 


thanks mate , I did not even need a part it was a small bit of lime scale
in the seal got rid of it and great good as new saved getting a plumber at
the exorbitant prices they charge. Cheers again

Rachael Herring

Thanks! This video just saved me a big bill calling out an emergency
plumber during a public holiday. Very easy to follow for a novice!

wired 3758

Thank you for this. Even after removing the screw, the tap handle can be
very tightly attached to the cartridge. I really had to lift and move it
around to very slowly remove it.

prem paramanantham

you need a tap spanner mate – looks like the tool for removing spark plugs.
it fits over the long screw and tightens the nut – there is no other way to
get it tight enough to stop it rocking around – unless you got stranglers
hands! get one online for a few pounds. Good luck!

Craig Grigson

I love listening to yobbo tradies learning ya how to do shit….Brings a
tear to my eye. I love Australia!!


Thanks a lot… I’ve been trying to sort my leak out for months and now
after watching your video I’ve finally got the thing apart. I’ll be able to
get it sorted today.


Here’s an extra tip. When you start, cover the waste/outlet/drain with
something like a plate or a bit of plastic. That way, when you drop the
little button thing (see 1:44), and it rolls away making a bee-line for the
waste outlet, you don’t actually lose it down the drain. Even though you
tried to catch it but only succeeded in nudging it further on it’s way to
its inevitable destination in the waste trap. Which probably needed all
that muck cleaning out of it anyway.

Tracey Dolby

I’m trying to do this just now but as others have stated below, I can’t get
the top bit off. I’ve unscrewed the grub screw with an allen key but its
just not budging – any tips? Thanks

Gregory Titievsky

Mine is different though, the nut is set in below the level… Hence I need
a different wrench…

jacob kljuc

well done mate, it almost sounds like English/Islander your speaking. what
language is it if you don’t me asking? my first guess was New Zealand