I had the ninja blender for about 1 day. I got it black friday at target
and I tried making a smoothie, let me tell you it sure does mix things well
but blending not at all. This just chops whatever you put in it and mixes
it so it nothing but chunky mixes; when id add alot of water it would be a
water down drink with lots of chunks. I returned it and got a vitamix and
theres no looking back at this piece of junk. Its not always about the
power its about the design.

Michael Gallagher

Notice how after she drinks something, it goes to a sidebar review. What’s
happening is,”Quick, I swallowed some of the juices. Ugh, I’ll be tasting
that for weeks”.


Bought the ninja at target and it sucks so bad all it does it chop the
ingredients and mixes it so you have like a salsa or something more watery
and they want to call that a smoothie. I returned it and got a vitamix and
it blows this out of the water. How can you compare yourself to a vitamix
if you even get to the same ballpark.


Anyone who owns a Vitamix no doubt laughed hysterically when watching this.

When is lying to consumers ever a good idea? 


You can tell they are so artificial! the only blender that works is the
Vitamix and Blendtec! 


not a good machine. Bought a few as gifts…all have since bought a
nutribullet. Vitamix is the best of them all. 


lol omg these “testimonals”, your kid comes home with an obese notice and
you trick him by feeding him spinach ice cream? smh

Mike H

You have to fill it up and put the ice on top just like in the video but
most of yall didn’t get the memo lol.

Maricel Reynolds

Thanks for the ninja mega kitchen they gonna replace my one,what a good
service,at the moment we’re using the single serve the kids enjoyed their
smoothie…I am now happy with the performance of ninja mega kitchen,it’s
easy to clean too no hassle at all…

maria marie

i hear negative things about both the vita and ninja. I blend smoothies in
an 50 dollar blwnder and it taste just as good as the vitamix and ninja. It
alk in knowing how to blend


I’ve had this Mega System for about a year. I really like it. I use the
72oz pitcher and 16oz single cups more than the food processor (but it’s
good to have anyways).

Some have commented that it leaves food chunky – I found out carrot juice
isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, definite chunks there. Also, when
cutting up leafy greens, leaves tiny chewable pieces. Then I remember, I
bought a BLENDER, not a juicer, of course there are going to be pieces and
pulp. Have no problem with other typical fruits and veggies.

A lot of people compare this Ninja to Vitamix – they take the older model
Ninjas and compare to higher end Vitamix. Those guys are bitching that a
2004 Honda Civic is out performed by a 2010 BMW 528.

Ninja Ultima System I’d say is more like a Honda Civic Type R – vs BMW i8
(Vitamix 720). They compare on many levels, and Ninja is trying to bring in
more crowd and appeal to many more with similar features and style, but for
a fraction of the cost. 


I have a Ninja BL770 and Love it. I don’t understand all the negative
comments on here.

Jasmine Bhanti

Hey I just got the ninja blender but when I try to make smoothies or gren
juice my spinach doesn’t blend can u pls help me do I have to pulse it or
do 1,2 ,3 or pulse it 

Yinelly Rodriguez

All these people here talking crap about the Ninja saying ( I got the
Vitamix and is better) blah blah blah….. Wtf are you guys watching
this??? You HIT THE WRONG VIDEO YOUTUBErs! Go to the vitamix videos and
talk how good it works with the plunger

min lale

Saw most of these comments bagging Ninja and giving a thumbs up to Vitamix,
wouldnt be surprised if half of these commments are Fake profiles used to
discredit Ninja and gain business for Vitamix. Im ordering NINJA on trial
to test it against all these theories stated. And Will post it up soon.

Aphrodite september

Wish I read all these comments before I ordered one , oh well at least I
get to keep the knife set .. sending it back unopened…Stone dine is
shitty too…Tefal better… dam informecials get me all the time. mutha
fucken liars 


Oh it’s also hilarious how biased these infomercials are. the paid
actresses sometimes struggle with their lines haha. the one chick almost
forgets the name of the product

Nabeel Dar

lollll… It’s super pricey, but the blender will easily last for 10 years.
I’m planning to send mine in for a swap right before the warranty is up!
Anyway, there are definitely ways to make payments more within reach. Check
out TheShoppingChannel’s website. They have this “Easy Pay Plan” where you
make about 7 payments of $78, something along those lines.