Oster Kitchen Center

I’m sure everyone has seen one of these. Here is a Oster Kitchen Center. One of the coolest kitchen appliances I’ve used. Enjoy! P.S. If you wonder why I use…

Beau Mitchell

Wow! This machine has more than I thought it has or more than my mom
thought hers had. I knew about the meat grinder. But I didn’t know about
the other stuff you mentioned (the juicer, ice cream maker etc.) and I
think I just now remembered the food processor ours had. I kind of forgot
about that part. 😛


I got one for a birthday present in the 80’s, and loved it. I just bought a
new(used) one on eBay, and I’m having even more fun with it! I just started
baking breads, and the dough hooks can handle a three-loaf batch of whole
wheat dough with no trouble! The pasta making attchment is still a learning
curve, but this machine is SO well made, I got rid of 10 appliances when I
got it. Great vid!


I had one of these & LOVED it. I lost it in the flood of 1997. I sure wish
they still made them.


Thank you ever so much for posting this little video as I was given this
wonderful appliance from my mother two days before she passed…….I used
it for the first time today with no instructions and shoot after getting my
banana bread all mixed up…..I was stumped on how to lift the mixer up to
get the bowl out and voila…..you tube never dissappoints…..thanks again
for posting this!!


I have one just like yours except the 2 bowls broke long ago. I took
everything out of the box today but no manual so don’t know if I put the
food processor together correctly. I use the blender all the time and love
it. Do you use your food processor? and is it just 2 pcs with the blade


The one I bought is a 1986 model. When did Sunbeam acquire them? The lady
at the thrift store where I bought this told me she is a personal friend of
the prior owner, and it has been trouble free.

Beau Mitchell

Hey, my mom used to have one of these. She may still have it. I don’t know.
The blender jar on it broke some 20 years ago, which made her have to get
another blender. But that one she had, as well as having the mixer and
blender, also had a meat grinder. (I bet this one does too.) I loved the
music at the beginning and the end, as well as the sped up movement and
sound effects. LOL


Yeah I got mine from a thrift store in 2004. Spent the last 8 years trying
to find all the neat attachments/accessories. I use mine for baking. It
works great. I normally just use the food processor, meat grinder, blender
and mixer.


My in-laws haw one, but I am not sure if it is working right. When you use
the dough hooks is the bowl supposed to spin at a constant speed like in
your video? Ours just kind of rocks back and froth :(


I have one and use it for everything. I am missing that bottom piece that
the bowl sits on so I have to use my hands to turn it sometimes. There are
other attachments that I have seen on ebay for this.

Kerrie Laminack

My mother left me one when we moved into her old house. I was wondering if
they have a juicer attachment when I found this. I have the dough hooks two
bowls bowl spinner thing and processor


Sunbeam Bowls fit the Kitchen Center, you may want to consider stainless
steel bowls that are lighter and won’t break.

Bev Erly

i just purchased this appliance, with a lot of attachments for $20 at a
second hand shop. I was pleasantly surprised to see a you tube video using


I just found one at Good will with the meat grinder attachments, the
blender, the small bowl, and the bread and mixing blades all for $13. Love
it for making ground pickle and bologna – now I’m gonna make a pizza dough.
Thanks for the vid.

Or Current Resident

I just got one last week for $5 from our local thrift store. I am
incredibly impressed with it’s power. It has already saved me so much time
in the kitchen mixing and whipping together meringues.


@beauloftis1976 Thank you Beau, yes, there were many more attachments to
this machine. A Citrus Juicer, food grater, slicer, meat grinder, food
processor, ice crusher, ice cream maker, etc….


I love this video. I’ve had this machine since 1985 (it replaced an earlier
one lost in a fire) and used it for everything. Sadly, today the motor
slowed down to the point of uselessness. The good news is that I found a
replacement base on eBay, which I’ve just purchased. I still have all the
accessories and my Oster Kitchen Center will live on.


Wow! Awesome video. You are a Pro genius. I just purchased mines today.
Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings.


How do you tell the sunbeam one from the regular one? I inherited a base,
mixer and food processor but bought a different speed base plus some things
at a garage sale. How do I tell which base is better?

Ariel Araya

My grandma had one of this for many many years and she was very pleased,
but when needed a repair she couldn´t find the parts


Ah, the great vintage Oster Kitchen Center. Sadly, once Sunbeam bought them
out, the Oster Kitchen Center was “cheaped – out” into junk. The cutting
disks were dull. They dropped the low RPM attach point (used by the grinder
and pasta maker accessories). Of course, I unwittingly bought the Sunbummer
junk in a Clearance Store. Sigh.