Lamb is only unpopular in the united states. It’s still one of the most
popular meats in every other english-speaking country. 


first cut the meat in strips place on cookie sheet place in freezer for
about 45 minutes then grind it up…just a tip from someone who knows

Lanny Rafa

Dude, buy yourself a real stuffer. Stainless steel stuffer with 11 pound
canister is what I have. Sure makes short order out of stuffing sausage.
That outfit you got looks so awkward for stuffing. I think it’s high time
pull your panties off and buy a man’s stuffer.


I appreciate the video but yikes – using your fingers might not be the best
way to teach people how to go about things. : – /


good recipe but you need stronger stuffer machine than that for better
stuffing result.
Nice video

Henry Rolon

i keep thinking your hand will get stuck in the grinder, i got to stop
whatching late night horror movies.

Cris Workizer

Awessome job on the sausage making video.I have a question ,do you need to
cure the meat ? Iam hearing both yes and no..Thank you,Cris

Vilisics Ferenc

Great ideas, I learned some new recipes from here. I do Hungarian style
sausages, the use of cinnamon, sugar and cilantro seems really interesting.
Stuffing: why with the fingers? 


Just finished watching tonight How Its Made at my friends place and it was
the infamous hot-dog episode. Needless to say his kids were disgusted. I
told them that when my grandmother makes sausages its like the hamburger
meat we buy when we have barbecues at their place. Figured the best thing
to do was show them how real sausages are made, so we watched this video.
I think weve restaured their faith in food and taught them that homemade
cooking is your best way to insure quality meat as opposed to industrial.

And now Im very hungry after watching this.
And maybe its my stomach talking but I just subbed.


Interesting. I have a typical store bought meat grinder I bought at a yard
sale for just a few dollars that had a broken plastic gear in it. Most
likely, it was because there was a bone or whatever. When I live up in
Wisconsin, there were the places people had their deer processed and it
wasn’t cheap either. The one most popular one made the best venison sausage
I think I ever had. I think there’s also a lunch meat size.

Felipe Rowder

I suppose the length of the neck is made with that purpose: to protect him
form the grinder. The accidents that you see in the web relating these
machines are just gruesome, but In think those are for skipping steps
during maintenance.


Thanks for the very informative video, but one thing i was told was that if
the skins were pricked at any time before cooking, this would let all the
succulence thats inside the casing flow out and be lost during cooking. How
dry do these sausages get after cooking?


I made a couple lbs of beef sausage. I used ground chuck & added the
spices. When finished i boiled them, They were disgusting. They were dry &
hard, What did I do wrong?.