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Greetings! Today I am excited to share with you what Rick and I have been working on over the last week or so. You will remember that about 5 years ago or so…
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I love the way getting organized makes us feel. It’s wonderful. I love
the white shelving. It look terrific. Hang onto that Rick guy. He’s
pretty handy. ; )


FANTASTIC noreen… and so functional! big kudos to rick… he did a great
job… i have always loved bead board… :-)

Aj Prepper

Rick did a beautiful job!! I can’t get over the difference 😉 Hope all is
well, Aj

Aunt Duddie

Looks good! I love those restaurant racks! I have two of them but my
kitchen is sooooo small I use the den as an auxiliary kitchen!

Fun Haulin & Deals

That looks really nice! A strand or two of ivy or something would look
nice on the top shelf! :) tfs!

Dachshund Momma

Love the Norman Rockwell prints!!! Nice to see someone else who likes
them,,,,sure could use a handy man who could do all that,,,great Job!


Wow, it looks fabulous ! Chez Noreen and Rick’s! More organized than a lot
of professional kitchens! Well done!


We have an old house, with a very tiny long kitchen, even the counters here
are only 18″ width from the wall, not much, and only about 2 feet on either
side of the sink and about the same down each side wall, portible
dishwasher gives me little more space and fridge takes up the rest of the
wall…Oh and to get that wall, had to block the one out of two doors to
the back yard…so tight..gave me some ideas I am begining to put together
my formal DR, good lord, no need for that, to be my jar and such
area…will take time to do, since we are old and disabled, but we are up
for it…hugs for the video hon, really gave me ideas


I love both shelves. Very functional and your items are placed very
attractive. I can tell you had a wonderful time deciding what goes where
and when ever you glance across the room you will have a smile on your
face. It’s a true homemakers goal.


Noreen & Rick, fantastic job! looks beautiful! I cannot believe that chrome
shelving was a $100.00 ! I have been sopping around for one for my bulky
appliances and the lowest i came across w 179 ish at Qvc or HSN but I
hesitate to buy ?? Quality!

Beautiful & Organized!!! Great job!!

Dawn Ny

Looks nice Noreen, I have very tiny kitchen and sadly its an apartment so
the shelving idea is out although it is awesome,, your metal shelving I am
going to look into, we may be able to do that one. When you have such a
small area to work with, organization is the key,,thanks for sharing


I love this, and you just gave me some ideas for my own kitchen! Thank you
for sharing this, and great job, it looks wonderful!!!!

Itazuke Dee

this looks terrific , I have the same steel shelving on casters in
my kitchen. I have all small appliances on mine, bread maker and other
small appliances I also bought s hooks and hangs small pots and hot pads on
the hooks. Love the new look of your kitchen. I have my microwave on the
middle shelf not on my counter any longer.


Awesome shelving! Those bins oh my they match your appliances! How happy
you must be! Congrats.


Great job I love your new look Rick did a good job Where did you get the
liners that are on the wire shelving from I been looking for them.Thanks

Wayne Hodge

I envy you all the new found space in your kitchen, it looks awesome. In
this apartment I live in the kitchen is 7 ft. wide from wall to wall and 9
ft. long from wall to wall. Counter space is almost nonexistent, I have a
coffee maker and a four slice toaster on the counter and that’s all there
is room for. Then between the stove and the sink I have a little counter
top space that is 12 inches wide and whatever the width of the counter top
is. That’s where I have to prepare all my food. I don’t have the words to
describe how much I loath it. 


Rick did a great job!!! Don’t forget the 3m hooks, I use them for hanging
pots and pans on the wall that I use the most.