Top 3 Stand Mixers

Part of the Review of Reviews Series, Top 3 Stand Mixers provides excerpt on three of the most popular stand mixers from

With no one buying V8 cars during the recession, Jeremy Clarkson looks at other uses for the engine. If it isn’t going to be used to power cars, how about us…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hajer Bouach

There’s so many videos that talk about products on Youtube that we no
longer believe, I hope that this product keeps its promises


So… James doesn’t like to get his A/C vent to be adjusted but he doesn’t
struggle to drink that disgusting… drink.

Hass Tahir

How much is this blender machine? I would have one!!! Its the best sounding
kitchen appliance ever! And my word its dammm powerful!!!

Lennart Plugge

No, Jeremy, it does work. But the ingredients don’t. I’d have one of those