How to tighten a loose flick mixer tap

This video i show you how to tighten a loose flick mixer tap.
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Patrick Besso

Thank you, you saved me money and helped me solve an annoying problem. My
nut was 12 mm, and the socket set from the two dollar shop cost me $6.95.
Awesome! For others who might read this, my tap post had a screw on the end
so you could steady the spindle with a screwdriver while tightening the nut
if you were doing the job without someone topside of the basin to hold the
tap steady.

Darren Lutchner

Thanks for this tip. it was very helpful. However mine was a slight
variation as there was a hose connected into the thread. Also mine is a
double sink so much harder to get to with tools.

Helen Riley

can someone tell me what size tube spanner to use, please. Ours is really
hard to access and we can’t seem to get the spanner on. TA


I have a Tap Spanner Set, but none of the hex are small enough to fit the
bolt on the bottom of the flick mixer. Are these supposed to be a standard
size? Maybe may spanner set isnt the right type… I’ve used it previously
to replace washers in shower taps…

Clive Dancey

Awesome vides , can you tell me what size is that BOLT and NUT as i have
the same fixing and my BOLT has gone behind somewhere and
cant get too it .. thanks

rianne banh

Thank you so much! Was so quick to fix once (10mins) I watched your
video… after attempting for 2 hours previously! Again many thanks!

IndiaJosephine Stone

My grandma says thank you very much for this video, you saved her getting a
plumber! She’s 72 with 2 knee joint replacements, and she got down and
fixed her sink :’) she’s stronger than me haha!


Thank you! Wasn’t quite the same problem as I had (or connections) but your
video still helped me picture and figure out how to fix my leaking and
loose mixer tap – which incidentally was created by a plumber! Thanks!


My kitchen faucet was loosen, and spent quite a while and couldn’t figured
out how to fix it until I found your video. Well explained and well
presented. Thanks a lot for spending the time and effort putting this video
up. It’s very helpful!

Mark Sykes

I spent ages working how to tighten the flick mixer and it was done in
minutes after you showed me. It saved me an outragous callout fee. Cheers

Lord Supaflygy

So what am i to do if my ‘bolt’ is attached to one of the pipes of the
mixer below the sink? Is this a turn the water off, loosen the pipe,
tighten my bolt and re-connect it all up again job?