Nelleke Plouffe

I love my Bosch! I should mention, though, that small batches of anything
don’t work as well in the Bosch. I always make 5-6 loaves of bread at a
time, and always double cookie recipes. It’s great for me.

Christel Barlow

I dream of being able to mix bread in a bosch !! No more elbow grease…
lol 😀 Entered to win on facebook.. Christel Barlow 

robins nest

Yep what a mixer, you could make allot of bread and cookies, and if course
cakes. Whip up cream for filings and all yummies. 

Wendy Wagar

My Sunbeam stand mixer was my grandmothers so it’s about 50 years old and
is quietly dying. Would love to win this!

Pamalot Humphrey

Wow! The Bosch can really simplify your life. I can’t believe how much
cookie dough fit inside. Incredible!

Bailey Dexter

You had me sold just on the kneading but the rest is unbelievable. I find
it hard when making gluten free bread to get it all mixed with out have to
take it out and mix but WOW this would do it perfect! A need not a want.

Shelley Raynes

I would love to enter the thing and use this mixer for stuff and we had one
when I was a child 

Christina Bandy

Hubby & I have been wanting a grain mill for a while now. We’ve been trying
to save for one. I also shared this on Google Plus! Thanks for the chance!

Wendi Simons

Love my Bosch, need a new one since mine is one of the first ones out, 40
years old. Still works fabulous just want a new one & give my old one to my

sharonne katz

I could so use this. I bake bread all the time and this would triple my